Amazon's Music Experts選曲


Amazon's Music Experts選曲

Margo's voice, music, and lyrics remind us of classic country sounds from long ago.

40曲 • 2時間31分

1Hurtin' (On the Bottle)2Twinkle Twinkle3Hands of Time4Learning to Lose (feat. Willie Nelson)5Leftovers (Amazon Original)6Stone Me7Tennessee Song8A Little Pain9Letting Me Down10Four Years of Chances11All American Made12Since You Put Me Down13Hey Child14Pay Gap15About to Find Out16Don't Say It17That's How Rumors Get Started18This Town Gets Around19Weakness20Unwed Fathers (feat. Margo Price)21Desperate & Depressed22Just Like Love23Weekender24Cocaine Cowboys25What Happened To Our Love?26How the Mighty Have Fallen27Wild Women28World's Greatest Loser29Heartless Mind30Nowhere Fast31Paper Cowboy32Gone To Stay33Do Right by Me34Good Luck (for Ben Eyestone)35Heart of America36Prisoner Of The Highway37Downpour38Loner39I'd Die For You40Louisiana Woman Mississippi Man (Live at The Ryman)