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REDISCOVER My Morning Jacket

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Louisville's favorite sons, one of America's best live acts, and among its most inventive bands.

50曲 • 4時間1分

1Wordless Chorus2Circuital3The Way That He Sings4One Big Holiday5Complex6Lay Low7Touch Me I'm Going To Scream, Pt. 28Only Memories Remain9Feel You10Golden11I'm Amazed12Love Love Love13Off The Record14Tyrone15Holdin On To Black Metal16What A Wonderful Man17Run Thru18Lowdown19Anytime20Heartbreakin Man21Mahgeetah22Rocket Man23Run It24Victory Dance25Gideon26Big Decisions27It Beats For You28Highly Suspicious29Compound Fracture30The Day Is Coming31Still Thinkin32Bermuda Highway33Wonderful (The Way I Feel)34Look At You35Dancefloors36Into The Woods37Lucky To Be Alive38Evil Urges39Magic Bullet40Believe (Nobody Knows)41Two Halves42Steam Engine43Xmas Curtain44Dondante45Touch Me I'm Going To Scream, Pt. 146Rollin Back47The Bear48Librarian49Knot Comes Loose50Regularly Scheduled Programming