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REDISCOVER My Morning Jacket

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Drawing from rock, country, & psychedelic; Louisville's finest thrive on sonic experimentation.

49曲 • 3時間58分

1Spinning My Wheels2Wordless Chorus3Golden4Rocket Man5Touch Me I'm Going To Scream, Pt. 26Off The Record7One Big Holiday8Gideon9Circuital10I'm Amazed11Tyrone 12What A Wonderful Man13Only Memories Remain14Feel You15Anytime16Run Thru 17Victory Dance18Dondante19Evil Urges20Dancefloors21It Beats For You22Lay Low23Mahgeetah24Compound Fracture25Into The Woods26Steam Engine 27Still Thinkin28Big Decisions29Holdin On To Black Metal30Librarian31Knot Comes Loose32The Day Is Coming33Magic Bullet34Highly Suspicious35Wonderful (The Way I Feel)36Easy Morning Rebel37John Dyes Her Hair Red38Outta My System39Two Halves40The Way That He Sings41Look At You42Rollin' Back43You Wanna Freak Out44Aluminum Park45Lowdown46Thank You Too!47First Light48Bermuda Highway 49Remnants