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REDISCOVER THE '80s: College Rock

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Rock went to college in the ‘80s: smart, DIY bands updated the sound of their record collections.

80曲 • 5時間37分

1レディオ・フリー・ヨーロッパ2Can't Hardly Wait (2008 Remaster)3アイ・ウィル・フォロー4Where Is My Mind? (Remastered)5And She Was (2003 Remaster)6Blister In The Sun7There Is a Light That Never Goes Out (2011 Remaster)8インビトゥイーン・デイズ9シティーズ・イン・ダスト10Under the Milky Way11Lips Like Sugar12She Sells Sanctuary13Jane Says14Don't Want to Know If You Are Lonely15Mexican Radio16Just Like Honey17Shadowplay18About A Girl19Teen Age Riot (Album Version)20Straight to Hell (Remastered)21エイティーズ (2007 Digital Remaster)22We Care a Lot23Dead Man's Party24Roam25Bittersweet (2005 Remaster)26Senses Working Overtime27悪意という名の街28Birthday29Mandinka30Bizarre Love Triangle31Suedehead (2010 Remaster)32プリティ・イン・ピンク33Crash34Oblivious35Save It for Later36I Got You37ゼア・シー・ゴーズ38ドント・ドリーム・イッツ・オーヴァー39Someday, Someway (Remastered)40A Million Miles Away41Brass in Pocket (2006 Remaster)42高校教師43Party at Ground Zero44Higher Ground45A Girl Like You46Don't Change47Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)48狂気の世界49Cupid Come50I Wanna Be Adored (Remastered)51I Love a Man in a Uniform52Head Like A Hole53Beds Are Burning (Remastered)54Never Let Me Down Again55This Is the Day56スレイヴ・トゥ・ラヴ57Rain in the Summertime (Remastered)58Golden Brown59マイ・エヴァ・チェンジング・ムーズ60エヴリデイ・アイ・ライト・ザ・ブック61Like the Weather62Sweet Jane63Happy Hour64Ana Ng65Anything, Anything66Take the Skinheads Bowling67Punk Rock Girl68Los Angeles 69Touch Me I'm Sick 70Freak Scene 71Plateau72History Lesson Part 2 73Waiting Room74That's When I Reach For My Revolver75Totally Wired76The Boy With The Perpetual Nervousness (Demo Version)77And We Danced78Waiting for the Great Leap Forwards79ソング・フォー・フーエヴァー80Come on Home