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2020年 Best of K-POP

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100曲 • 5時間38分

1Dynamite2Ice Cream3MORE & MORE4Not Shy5Left & Right61007HIP8Maria9FIESTA10Make A Wish (Birthday Song)11I CAN'T STOP ME12Back Door13LA DI DA14Lovesick Girls15I LOVE YOU -KR Ver.-16Stay Gold17Dingga18HOME;RUN19WANNABE20Nonstop21Tiger Inside22Any song23Secret Story of the Swan24How You Like That25Feel Good (SECRET CODE)26eight(Prod.&Feat. SUGA of BTS)27Blue Hour28Fanfare29Your eyes tell30WANNA BE MYSELF31Daisy32One (Monster & Infinity)33God’s Menu34DUN DUN35Dolphin36BOY -KR Ver.-37Psycho38Into the I-LAND39Can't You See Me?40HELICOPTER41DUMDi DUMDi42Criminal43LALALILALA44My Pace45영웅 Kick It 英雄46FANTASIA47Boy With Luv [feat. ホールジー]48Love Killa49Bet You Wanna [feat. カーディ・B]509 and Three Quarters (Run Away)51COME TO ME -KR Ver.-52Love Me Harder53Daechwita54Knock55Candy56Spit it out57Monster58Now or Never59Drama60Dumhdurum61INCEPTION62THE ANSWER63Oh my god64Jopping65Punch66Apple67SALUTE68NUNU NANA69LATATA (English Ver.)70Starry Night71Ridin'72Dive -KR Ver.-73ON74Oh really.75NOT BY THE MOON76놀이 Naughty7710억뷰 1 Billion Views (feat. MOON)78I'm in Trouble79Jungle80PARADISE (feat. Ha Sungwoon)81Stay Tonight82i'M THE TREND83DESSERT (feat. Loopy, SOYEON ((G)I-DLE))84Mayday85Tiger Eyes86ASSA87NINETEEN88BUTTERFLY89BOUNCY90QUEEN91pporappippam 보라빛 밤92End of Spring93Zombie94BAZOOKA!95A Song Written Easily96Hands Up97Magnolia982U99Obliviate100Ohh Ahh