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2020年 Best of GAME MUSIC

Amazon Music選曲


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1Assassin's Creed Valhalla Main Theme (feat. Einar Selvik)2Out of the North3Dr.WILY STAGE 14SPARK MAN STAGE5CUTMAN STAGE6ロキ7ヒバナ -Reloaded-839みゅーじっく!9Apex Legends: Main Theme10You Are The Jumpmaster11一番歌1224時間シンデレラ(Full Spec Edition)13KONNANじゃないっ! ~feat.澤村 遥~14JUDGEMENT-審判-(Full Spec Edition)15Don't Be So Serious16闘う者達17片翼の天使18オープニング~爆破ミッション19Hope (Title Theme)20Strike from the Shadows21Where Angel Fear To Tread22Swivel23Opening24Nioh 225Asylums for the Feeling26夏ノ雪27イニシエノウタ/贖罪28A Traitor Within29Almost nothing (feat. Okay Kaya) [『DEATH STRANDING』エンディングソング]30Ludens31Dearly Beloved (-KINGDOM HEARTS III Version-)32Nachtflügel33Frozen Wonderland34I believe35Spider-Man36Theme of the Resistance - Title Screen ver.37Moving Power (feat. Greg Evigan)38デパーチャー39ゼロ (from Rockman X)40光ノ風吹ク丘41Wings of Piano42愛の詩43未来へ。44明日への軌跡45THEME OF LU BU -DW 7th MIX- <呂布のテーマ>46GREAT RED SPIRIT <合肥の戦い>47ARENA <行軍>48遺サレタ場所/斜光49継がれる光50The Last of Us Part II51It Can't Last52Magnolia53Devil Trigger54Battlefield V Legacy Theme55Wake Island56旅立ち57記憶のこだま58Halo Theme Gungnir Mix59SUNSHINE COASTLINE60The Foliage Ocean in CELCETA -Opening size-61凍て地に轟きし猛哮62Escape63Battle Against the Beast64A Matter of Time (Mortal Kombat 11 Main Theme)65Yellow Box66GIANTS67JOIN THE PAC (Original Mix - Official Theme Song for PAC-MAN 40th Anniversary)68Here We Are69ヒロインたるもの!70Timber Hearth71Outer Wilds72Jedi Starfighter73Eno Cordova's Theme74Cal Kestis75Boss: Abobo (feat. Chipzel)76No Escape77The House of Hades78Sonic Boom (Gems Collection Remix)79Sonic3 MegaD Mix80Exceed!81Toughness!!82Hinterland (Intro)83Departure84Shivering Dread85Blackreach Rising86A World Without Light87Main Theme of NSR88vs. SAYU (from "No Straight Roads")89Sayonara Wild Heart90Lord Shimura91Jin Sakai92Rookie Harbor93The Path of Justice94The Proving (feat. Julie Elven & Cirlce Percussion) (Part 1 - Motherland)95Aloy's Theme (feat. Julie Elven) (Part 1 - Motherland)96Let the Show Begin (Persona Show Case Musical Songs)97Place of My Heart (Persona Show Case Musical Songs)98Wastelanders Main Theme99Wayward Souls