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REDISCOVER Melissa Etheridge

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The best of the best from American singer, songwriter, and activist Melissa Etheridge.

20曲 • 1時間24分

1Come To My Window2BRING ME SOME WATER - ALBUM VERSION3I'm The Only One4I Want To Come Over5Angels Would Fall6YOU CAN SLEEP WHILE I DRIVE7Yes I Am8LIKE THE WAY I DO - ALBUM VERSION9Ain't It Heavy10Love Will Live11Breathe (Album Version)12Brave And Crazy13If I Wanted To14I NEED TO WAKE UP15The Angels16イナフ・オブ・ミー17アイ・ウォント・トゥ・ビー・イン・ラヴ18I Will Never Be The Same19Chrome Plated Heart20Faded By Design