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Amazon's Music Experts選曲


Amazon's Music Experts選曲

Find your clarity with a collection of the best Kim Petras.

42曲 • 2時間12分

1Unholy2Running Up That Hill (Amazon Original)3Alone4Made You Look5When We Were Young (The Logical Song)6There Will Be Blood7Feeling of Falling8Broken Glass9Unlock it (Lock It) [feat. Kim Petras and Jay Park]10Heart to Break11ココナッツ12Treat Me Like A Slut13Treat Me Like A Ho14I Don't Want It At All15Future Starts Now16Malibu17Sweet Spot18XXX19Slut Pop20ハウ・イッツ・ダン21Icy221,2,3 dayz up [feat. SOPHIE]23Click (feat. Kim Petras and Tommy Cash)24Love Me Less (feat. Kim Petras)25VILLAIN26Got My Number27Reminds Me28Throat Goat29Do Me30Turn Off The Light [feat. Elvira, Mistress of theDark]31Clarity32All I Do Is Cry33<demons>34All The Time35Faded [feat. lil aaron]36Hills [feat. Baby E]37Jenny (feat. Kim Petras)38SugarCrash!39Hillside Boys40Party Till I Die41Personal Hell42If U Think About Me...