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REDISCOVER Tegan and Sara

Amazon's Music Experts選曲

From glittery electro-dance to emotive pop-rock, explore the Canadian twins' genre-spanning career.

31曲 • 1時間37分

1Closer2Walking with a Ghost3I Was a Fool4Today (Inspired by the Series “High School”) [Amazon Original]5Back in Your Head6You Wouldn't like Me7I Can’t Grow Up8Call It Off9Now I'm All Messed Up10I'll Be Back Someday11The Ocean12The Con13So Jealous14F*****g Up What Matters15Shock to Your System16Hell17Goodbye, Goodbye18Where Does the Good Go19Dark Come Soon20I'm Not Your Hero21Living Room22Soil, Soil23How Come You Don't Want Me24Night Watch25I Couldn't Be Your Friend26Knife Going In27Love They Say28Nineteen29I Can't Take It30The Cure31Like O, Like H