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Pride History

Amazon's Music Experts選曲

Stories and music from the history of the LGBTQ+ movement.

60曲 • 2時間57分

1Gladys Bentley (narrated by Melissa Etheridge)2Worried Blues3World War II (narrated by Tegan and Sara)4Up Above My Head, I Hear Music in the Air5Edythe Eyde (narrated by Tegan and Sara)6ママ、カム・ホーム7Getting Organized (narrated by Melissa Etheridge)8Tutti Frutti9Sir Lady Java (narrated by Kim Petras)10You Don't Own Me (Single Version)11The First Pickets (narrated by Melissa Etheridge)12A Change Is Gonna Come13Compton's Cafeteria (narrated by Tegan and Sara)14Any Other Way15Stonewall Means Fight Back (narrated by Melissa Etheridge)16I Wish I Knew How It Would  Feel To Be Free17Christopher Street Liberation Day (narrated by Kim Petras)18輝く星座〜レット・ザ・サンシャイン・イン19Alan Turing (narrated by Kim Petras)20悲しみはぶっとばせ (Remastered 2009)21Wendy Carlos (narrated by Tegan and Sara)22テーマ・フロム・トロン23The Lavender Menace (narrated by Melissa Etheridge)24Shine On Straight Arrow25The History of Transgender Warriors (narrated by Kim Petras)26メイキャップ27Curing Medicine (narrated by Melissa Etheridge)28僕を救ったプリマドンナ29Anita Bryant: At Least it was a Fruit Pie (narrated by Tegan and Sara)30I Love The Nightlife (Disco 'Round) (Single Version)31Audre Lorde (narrated by Melissa Etheridge)32We Are Family33Glenn Burke (narrated by Tegan and Sara)34伝説のチャンピオン35Operation Soap (narrated by Tegan and Sara)36Under Pressure (2011 Remaster)37Fighting for Our Lives (narrated by Kim Petras)38I Would Die 4 U (2015 Paisley Park Remaster)39Bowers vs Hardwick (narrated by Kim Petras)40Causing a Commotion41ACT UP (narrated by Melissa Etheridge)42Freedom! '9043Section 28 (narrated by Tegan and Sara)44Smalltown Boy45Paris is Burning (narrated by Kim Petras)46Got to Be Real (Single Version)47Bisexual Pride (narrated by Tegan and Sara)48I Kissed a Girl49The Lesbian Avengers (narrated by Melissa Etheridge)50Come To My Window51The Ashes Action (narrated by Tegan and Sara)52Always on My Mind / In My House (2018 Remaster)53No Obits (narrated by Tegan and Sara)54トゥゲザー・アゲイン55Marriage is Another Step Forward (narrated by Melissa Etheridge)56You Make Me Feel Mighty Real57Jennicet Gutiérrez (narrated by Kim Petras)58Heart to Break59A Proud History (narrated by Melissa Etheridge, Tegan and Sara, and Kim Petras)60Fade Into You (Amazon Original)