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Amazon Music選曲


73曲 • 4時間52分

1Trust Me (MIDZY)2Like Water3Home4A Letter For You5Rains again6Mirage7I Need You8free flight9Cry 펑펑 (feat. Lim kyung man)10Autumn Night11Camellia12Then, Now and Forever13Daisy14Losing You15Float Away16When We Were In Love17TOCK TOCK18Whenever Wherever19STAY -KR Ver.-20Suddenly21LMM22When We Were Us23Amusement Park24Breathing25First Love (feat.SOLE)26If I knew27SMOKY28Between memory and memory29Not Anyone Else30Dear My Dear31I'm still…32sleeplessness33By My Side34Never let you go35But I'll Miss You36Blue & Grey37Winter Breath38Is You39Drawing The Universe (feat. Lee Raon)40To You My Light (feat. Lee Raon, Ban Gwang Ok, Jung Young Eun & Jeon Sang Keun)41With You42Anbu (feat.CHANYEOL)43Just for a moment44Gleamy Night45Toward Tomorrow46Good Night MY LOVE47Something's Wrong48didn't say anything49minimal warm (She is My Type♡ X CHANYEOL)50In your heart51WAYO -KR Ver.-52Me After You53How About You54When I tell you goodbye55HAVE A GOODNIGHT (She is My Type♡ X SHOWNU (MONSTA X), MINHYUK (MONSTA X))56First Line57Happiness (feat. Lee Raon, Ban Gwang Ok, Jung Young Eun & Jeon Sang Keun)58Give You My Heart59Winter60The Film61Useless62Alone63One Love (20th Edition)64DIVE65To Heaven66Always67LOVELY68시리다69Tick Tock70Blueming71WINTER FLOWER(Feat.RM)72Call It Love73Wild Flower