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Amazon Music選曲


50曲 • 3時間10分

1strawberry moon2Bad Influence3Still I miss you4오늘만은 Hiding Words5Don't wanna leave tonight6Though You're Gone7Last day8Grey Suit9And The End10I'm Still Here11Stardust12Mirror13Meet him among them14Out of the Blue15To You (Prod. JUNGKEY)16Autumn Night17BORN TO LOVE YOU -KR ver.-18Let’s Go Home19We Should've Been Friends20Universe_21Go Back22Event Horizon23A Letter For You24If I knew25긴 밤 Endless Night26How could you27Like Water28Cry 펑펑 (feat. Lim kyung man)29Poom (Feat. Peakboy)30Unthinkable31LONG SLEEP32Losing You33HAVE A GOODNIGHT (She is My Type♡ X SHOWNU (MONSTA X), MINHYUK (MONSTA X))34LMM35free flight36But I'll Miss You37SMOKY38Toward Tomorrow39Camellia4010 TIMES41Trust Me (MIDZY)42When I tell you goodbye43Blue & Grey44푸르게 빛나던 우리의 계절 When We Were Us45Me After You46With You47놀이공원 Amusement Park48Call It Love49Then, Now and Forever50Float Away