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1Spring Breeze2Sweet3You Are Mine4Melting5Stardust love song6Starlight7Go!8Shine on You with Blinding Flash of Light9Very, Slowly10Melting11Mind Warning12Promise You13I Love You This Much14Abnormal Climate15Stay Alive (Prod. SUGA of BTS)16Echo17Christmas Tree18Squabble19There For You20Maybe if21Drawer22Wishes23Looks like a real thing24Friend25If you're with me26Shadow of You27One and Only28Full of You29IF I30Don't Cry, My Love31Nobody else32Amino Acid33Yeah (Round and Round)34UP35Watch Me36Yours37EYES (from “Armored Saurus”)38Romantic Sunday39Here Always (feat. Seungmin)40Wish41I Hope You′re Happy42空を駆ける43好き好き44It's My Life45雨とあなた46スーパースター47Love Me Like That48We're Already49Love, This50Fall In Love51Heavy Heart52もう一度私は、ここに53偶然のような運命54Flower55夕焼け