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50曲 • 2時間53分

1The Feels2Ready to love3CHERRY4BAD LOVE5LOCO60X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) [feat. Seori]7Show Your Love8WE GO9Lonely Night10Some11SCIENTIST12Cold Scent13Love & hate (Feat. BIBI)14Love Me Harder15I LOVE YOU -KR Ver.-16Rock with you17YES or YES18REALLY REALLY -KR ver.-19Candy20DO or NOT21eight(Prod.&Feat. SUGA of BTS)22IF YOU23Why isn't love always easy? (Romance 101 X JOY)24Leo (feat. BAEKHYUN)25Lovesick Girls26Love So Sweet27CLOSER28By Love29WAYO -KR Ver.-30Love Killa31Unfamiliar32Just Cry33FAKE LOVE34Now or Never3590's Love36LOVE SCENARIO -KR Ver.-37Blueming38Love Die Young39Some (feat.Geeks Lil Boi)40Would you marry me? (Feat.Lee Joon,Yoon Du Jun of Highlight,Kwang Hee)41Awaiting42ALL MY LOVE (Korean Ver.)43Answer : Love Myself44Way Back Home45Tropical Love46Happy47BUNGEE (Fall in Love)48LOVE ME LOVE ME -KR Ver.-49Eat50Is You