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Amazon Music選曲


Amazon Music選曲


48曲 • 6時間11分

1Kindred Spirit2Sleeping Music (Deep Sleep Meditation)3おやすみ4Deep Calm5暖かい記憶6Lullaby7自然の心8Brainwave Entrainment with Delta Waves for Sound Sleep, Relaxation, Deep Rest and Massage9Spa Day10Soundscapes11Healing Touch (432 hz)12Ocean Waves13A Change of Season14Transcendence/Kundalini Rising15Deep Theta 4 Hz16Peaceful Stream17Ambient Sleep Music18Sleep19Before Dawn Breaks (From "100 Minutes of Relaxing Spanish Guitar")20Relaxing Music21Deep Meditation22Stress Free23Relief From Stress and Anxiety24Tranquility Music (With Celtic Harp)25Kunsttherapie26たゆたう水27Relaxing Sounds28Rain for Relaxing (Short Version)29Relax Take it Easy30温かみある木樹31豊かな自然を育む32Wellness & Spa Selection of Chill Out and Lounge to Relax ( Serenity Relaxing Spa)33Time to Relax34Mystic Monk (Mystic Music to Help You Meditate and Relax, Medieval Music)35Background Music36Sunrise Over The Ocean37Escape from Gravity38With Utmost Calm39Tantra Love40Convergence41Sentinel Meadow42Haven of Peace43Lightness of Being44Quiet Contemplation45Comfort46A Fresh Start47Surfing the Clouds48Hearts Awakening