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1Blackboard Jungle Dub (Version 1)2Dub From The Roots3King Tubby Meets the Rockers Uptown4Dance Of The Vampires5Michael Talbot Affair6The Ghost (Marcus Garvey)7Zion's Blood8Government Dub9Jail House Dub10Jazzz (2003 Remaster)11Java Dub12Concrete Jungle Dub13Who's In The Tomb14Fist Of Fury15Heavy Duty16Give Praises17Chapter Three18Dubbing With The Observer19Way Over In Dub20Channel Get Knockout21Sweet Sweet Victory22Vibrate On23The Right Way24Black a Shade of Dub25Fast Foward Dub (Dub / Instrumental Reggae Music)26Conquering Dub27Enter the Dragon28Rocker's Almighty Dub2979 Rock30East Africa Dub31Big Spliff32Strange Things (Extended Mix)33Money34African Daughter Dub35Trust & Belive36Soon Forward (Dub)37Defense Dub38Scratch the Dub Organizer39Dub Long Rastafari40Easy Come Dub