Amazon's Music Experts and Updated Fridays選曲

Emo Trap

Amazon's Music Experts and Updated Fridays選曲


49曲 • 2時間24分

1Bad Luck 2Trenches 3shots in the dark 4all i can see 5Short Lived Love Song 6FUCK YO FRIENDS 7Can't Trust A Soul 8fools (can't help falling in love) (slowed down & reverb) 9SOS (feat. Travis Barker) 10F*CK YOU, GOODBYE 11Whipski (feat. Lil Skies & Internet Money) 12Empty13Toxic (feat. Global Dell) 14pretty little lies15SUV16IT'S OK 17Reckless18Care At All19Tombstone 20Better Off Dead 21Kill Cupid 22Stressed 23To The Moon 24WITHOUT YOU 25Caught In The Middle 26what it cost 27Always & Forever28Long Way 29Life's A Mess II 30Lean On 31Exhale (feat. BVDLVD) 32fuckboy 33Violent34PILL BREAKER [feat. Machine Gun Kelly & blackbear] 35DENY36Fake Love 37Long Road 38Ain't The Same 39BOY WITH A BROKEN HEART 40Every Day's A Day41Patience (feat. YUNGBLUD & Polo G) 422 Times43Go To Hell44rock bottom (feat. nothing,nowhere.) 45Bleed Out 46Mama Don't Know47PAINLESS48Can't Compare 49West Side