Amazon Music選曲


Amazon Music選曲


53曲 • 3時間50分

1The Other Lover2Looking For (Turn Back Time)3Need You Right Now (Stripped) 4Caution5How Does It Feel6Fall7Assimilation8100,000,000 9100010skeletons11All I Need (DJ-Kicks) (Edit)12Baby13Low14Angie (I’ve Been Lost) 15You Need Me16Don't Waste My Time (Model Man Remix) [Amazon Original]17Forgotten (Edit (Amazon Original))18Daio Alternate History19Apricots20Warming Up21Spell For Nature22208323CLOUDS24Wildfires25Envelopes (Chapter VI)26Petrol Blue27Are U Down (Kootenay Klub Mix) (Amazon Original) 28Roll Back29Before30Up, Higher (Amazon Original)31When the Sun Comes Up 32Nervous Tics (feat. Holly Walker)33Stress34Waves of Devotion (Single Version)35Someone Else36She37Her Revolution38Gold39Firefly [feat. NAO]40Hold On41Sunson42Glue43Emerald Rush44It Makes You Forget (Itgehane)45Falling Short46John Cage (Edit)47Navajo48Someone That You Love49Touch50Water Baby51Fantasy52Time53Cheer Up, My Brother