Amazon Music選曲


Amazon Music選曲


31曲 • 2時間25分

1Pieces Of A Woman2Songbird3End Titles (from the Motion Picture "News Of The World")4Transformation (End Titles)5オルトレマーレ(ディヴェニ―レ)6The Comedown (From The Apple Original Film “Cherry”)7Spies and Typewriters8Stand Up (The Chicago 7)9Open (Meet the Families)10To Olivia11The Angel Maker12The Hours13Hedwig's Theme14Claire and Granger15Lawrence of Arabia (Main Theme)16Dream Within a Dream17Theme from Defiance18The Last of Us19Per un pugno di dollari (Titoli) [From Per un pugno di dollari]20Lux Aeterna21Main Theme (From "Twisted Nerve")22First Class23Raiders March (From "Raiders of the Lost Ark")24First Zulu Appearance and Assault25Main Title March (Alternate Version)26The Morning After27SHERlocked28Shawshank Redemption29Main Theme30I'm Forrest... Forrest Gump31リターン