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Curated by Amazon’s Music Experts and Updated Fridays選曲

Fresh Alternative

Curated by Amazon’s Music Experts and Updated Fridays選曲

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50曲 • 2時間41分

1Heading For The Door2Young Strangers3Life Coach4too young.5shutting me out6Once then we'll be free7When The Devil Speaks…8Delusional9May I Comply10MR SCARED11Doubt12On Your Side13life in lofi14Puppet15Yesterday16TREES17Never Fucked Up Twice18Heaven Bound19Everybody's Down20Superbloomer21a girl like me22sweet feelings23Lip24Drain Me!25American Dream26i can't get my shit together27Cheerleader28Kiss Her Goodbye29I.C.D.R.N.30Survivor31Stuck In The Heat32Haunt You Still33Olympus34Cool Girl35Peppermint Highway36parachute37Blood Red38Chaos Party39Blue Boy40pity41What's Up?42Sick Of Your Love43Family of Six44Normal People Things45You Just Had to Be There46Pup47Autopilot48Tethered49Fried Rice50If It Makes You Happy