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52曲 • 3時間57分

1Hero2Baby Don't Cry3Do It For Love4Get Myself Back5Contrail(from ALBUM「FEEL」)6Love Story7GIRL TALK8Do Me More9NAKED10Break It11WANT ME, WANT ME12Put 'Em Up13Say the word14NEVER END(Radio Edit)15RESPECT the POWER OF LOVE16SWEET 19 BLUES17Dr.18Mint19Sit! Stay! Wait! Down!20Dreaming I was dreaming21SO CRAZY22ALL FOR YOU23Big Boys Cry24CAN YOU CELEBRATE?25a walk in the park26ROCK STEADY27FUNKY TOWN28Go Round29Wishing On The Same Star30You're my sunshine31Don't wanna cry(Radio Edit)32SOMETHING 'BOUT THE KISS33Fight Together34I WILL35How to be a Girl36Body Feels EXIT(ORIGINAL MIX)37Chase the Chance(ORIGINAL MIX)38TRY ME ~私を信じて~39White Light40lovin' it41限界LOVERS feat.安室奈美恵42REVOLUTION [feat. 安室奈美恵]43I'm not yours (feat. NAMIE AMURO)44グロテスク45ウォーターフォールズ(20thアニヴァーサリー・ヴァージョン)46BLACK OUT feat. Lil Wayne & Namie Amuro47FAKE [feat. 安室奈美恵]48Do What U Gotta Do feat.AI, 安室奈美恵, Mummy-D49BLACK DIAMOND50Luvotomy51Just Say So52Joy