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FINAL FANTASY XV の名曲をまとめたプレイリスト(期間限定公開)

96曲 • 5時間9分

1Somnus (Instrumental Version)2Departure3Broken Down4ハンマーヘッド5Wanderlust6Encroaching Fear7Stand Your Ground8Relax and Reflect9Day's End Fanfare10Horizon11安息の地12Lurking Danger13Hunt or Be Hunted14CIDNEY15Urban Chrome16A Quick Pit Stop17行方知れぬ想い18ガーディナ19ARDYN20The Aggressors21NOX AETERNA22The Hunters23What Lies Within24Daemons25Bros on the Road26Fantastica!27The Niflheim Empire28Veiled in Black29Valse di Fantastica30Crystalline Chill31What a Hoot32ブルース de チョコボ33Reel Rumble34The Fight Is On!35レスタルム36Welcome to the Leville37Unsettling Aura38Don't Panic!39APOCALYPSIS NOCTIS40Cosmogony41Melancholia42A Premonition43NOX DIVINA44Labyrinthine45Flying R46Imperial Infiltration47Veiled in Black (Arrangement)48Invidia49Sorrow Without Solace50Sunset Waltz51Disquiet52OMNIS LACRIMA53ロデオ de チョコボ54Listen Up55Creeping Shadows56Impending Peril57Up for the Challenge58カエム59カエム 〜隠れ家〜60カエム 〜港〜61Bros on the Road II62NOCTIS63Over the Waves64オルティシエ 〜港〜65オルティシエ 〜ゴンドラ〜66Welcome to the Royal Suite67綺羅星円舞曲68Prayer de LUNA69No Time Left70Song of the Stars71The Hydraean's Wrath72ARDYN II73LUNA74APOCALYPSIS AQUARIUS75Broken Bonds76Dining Car77カルタナティカ78Relax and Reflect - Pensive79Careening Into Danger80テネブラエ81Horrors of the Night82End of the Road83An Empire in Ruins84RAVUS AETERNA85In the Light of the Crystal86A World Unwaking87Neverending Nightmare88Homecoming89ハンマーヘッド 〜The Last Bastion〜90Somnus91Hellfire92Magna Insomnia93Dawn94Somnus Ultima95Dewdrops at Dawn96Main Theme from FINAL FANTASY