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トライガンシリーズ アニメ・ソングス

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67曲 • 3時間3分

1H.T2風は未来に吹く3H.T. in“Badlands Rumble”4風が止んだ時5Badlands rendez-vous6don't take the Last Donut7blank8大悪党9sandsteam10she is not sweet11the Stampede12トマクン13we are in a jam14an unsafe stamp maniac15a gentle Death16empty smile17time to say goodbye18a grain of sand in sandwich19DICE for life20good men or bad?21meet me in Macca city22in the early morning light23snatch!snatch!snatch!24you've blown it over the sands25リトルアメリア26悪運27an old public house28ラッキー★セブン29get even30parttime SP31the grandstand player32termination33that was then34white lies35lovely calamities36NO-BEAT37BIG BLUFF38BLOOD AND THUNDER39KNIVES40Permanent Vacation41BLUE FUNK42PHILOSOPHY in a Tea Cup43NOT AN ANGEL44Cynical Pink45Sound Life ~ LEM46WINNERS47Never could have been worse48Stories to Tell49People Everyday50Fool's Paradise51YELLOW ALERT52Carot & Stick53Perfect Night54Nerve Rack55楽園56Unhappy Song57Colorless Sky58Hash Hash59Lost Planet60H.T - Destoyingangel mix61Zero Hour62The lowdown63Gunpowder Tea64Cheers!65Scattered Rain66Blue Summers67砂の星