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the HIATUS ソングス

Amazon Music選曲

ロック・バンドの概念を打ち破る音楽体験を提示し続けるthe HIATUSの軌跡

45曲 • 2時間57分

1Regrets2Ghost In The Rain3Radio4Chemicals5Insomnia6Hunger7The Flare8The Ivy9Thirst10Souls feat. Jamie Blake11Servant12Superblock13Unhurt14Clone15Firefly / Life in Technicolor16Shimmer17Sunset Off The Coastline18Burn To Shine19西門の昧爽20紺碧の夜に21Time Is Running Out22Bonfire23Horse Riding24Deerhounds25Silence26Bittersweet / Hatching Mayflies27Monkeys28Twisted Maple Trees29Snowflakes30Get Into Action31Tales Of Sorrow Street32Geranium33The Tower and The Snake34Let Me Fall35On Your Way Home36Walking Like A Man37Something Ever After38Tree Rings39Little Odyssey40ベテルギウスの灯41ユニコーン42Waiting For The Sun43Moonlight44Catch You Later45Silver Birch