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Amazon Music選曲


47曲 • 2時間50分

1Regarde-moi (Extended)2Ani Kuni (Edit)3Call Me Papi (feat. Dawty Music)4She Said (Big Jet Plane)5So Much to Me6Never Going Home7Ring The Alarm8Belladone9Track of Time10Imagining (feat. Gabrielle Aplin)11Wasted Love (feat. Lagique)12Le temps de l'amour13You Are My High14Sonata N°1 (Allegro, Piano Sonata No. 1) - Beethoven Remixed15Captain16Magic17Asleep18I Don't Know19Get High20Peur des filles (Montmartre Remix)21Fatigué22Lengueno (feat. Pongo)23No Place I Call Home (with Wim & Mara)24Vox25Tunnel26Cherokee27Force majeure28How Much I Dance (Edit)29We Could Be Dancing30Resonate31Let You Speak32You, Love33Hey!34If I Had to Lose You35Sunny Day36Feels Right37Breathe (Kid Francescoli Remix)38Parachute (Tony Romera Remix)39Avec toi (feat. Lola Le Lann)40Born a Loser41Bulle42L.A.43Rainy Nights Magic44Need Your Attention45Dans la danse46I Know You Know47Sundial