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Made in Canada: Essential Rock

Amazon's Music Experts選曲

Nothing but true patriot love for these essential Canadian rock songs.

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1New Orleans Is Sinking2American Woman3ウェイク・アップ4Heart Of Gold5ワイルドで行こう!6For What It's Worth7Working for the Weekend (Remastered)8Reckless Paradise9Money City Maniacs10仕事に御用心11Tom Sawyer12I Hate Everything About You13You Oughta Know (2015 Remaster)14Black Velvet15Little Bones16Life Is a Highway (2018 Version)17Panic Attack18Feeling Good19Go For Soda (Album Version)20Rocky Mountain Way21Thinking of You22You Could Have Been a Lady23The Oaf24Wild Eyes25Never Again26High School Confidential27サングラス・アット・ナイト28Naveed29Relentless30Ocean Pearl31Diggin A Hole32Not Quite Sonic33Temptation34Don't Tell Me How to Live35Sparkle & Shine36American Psycho37Your Ex-Lover Is Dead38Gimme Sympathy39Hello Time Bomb (Album Version)40New Girl Now41Resistorz42Lovers In A Dangerous Time43Indio