Amazon's Music Experts選曲

Made in Canada: Indie & Alternative

Amazon's Music Experts選曲

Celebrating the best of Canada's indie and alternative rock. Cover: Gord Downie

74曲 • 4時間34分

1River Don't Care2Keep on Pretending3Pale4Upside Down5Don't Cry6Pray It Away7Dig a Hole8Get My Mind9You Slipped Away (Amazon Original)10Artifact11KODOMO NO KUNI12Young and Wasted13This Year's Been Hell14Waylaid (Edit)15Fall Apart16Time for Yourself17A/B Futures18aliens exist19Bathroom Mirror20Surrender21Melt The Universe with Brotherly Love22Governess Shadow23Instant Nightmare!24Dose Me Up25Heart Sweats (Live)26クリーチャー・コンフォート27Already Forgiven28That's the Way It Is (Amazon Original)29Nature Kids30Strangers31You32Risk33Simple Dude34Eyes of Green35Waking Up36Take Me 237Across the City38Record Shop39Falling Down The Stairs Of Your Smile40me Roll41Dream Rats (feat. Alissa White-Gluz)42Here 4 U43Down In The Dumps44Dose Your Dreams45Modern Medication46Just What I Needed47Shampoo Bottles48So Tired49Made for You50Hypersleep51Undecided Voters52Spark53Automanic54Unspun (In My Living Room)55The West Side56Spell57Possession58Object of Desire59Running Up That Hill60Rob the Original611862Give Up63Love and War64Sun Poisoning65Bleached Wavves66Invisible Desire67BREATHE (feat. Jerusalem In My Heart)68Blood Orange69Go Home70Young Lions71From the Back of the Film72Pretty Cold73Switch Off74Ready To Run