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Dream Time

Amazon Music選曲


99曲 • 6時間40分

1when the party's over (Amazon Original)2Einaudi: Fossils (Amazon Original)3Old Mansion (Amazon Original)4Walking On A Dream5Richter: Dream 3 (Remix / Amazon Original)6San Luis (Amazon Original)7La Veille8Sunrise in the Desert9Peaceful Piano10Believer (Edit)11Not Dark Yet12Divine13Ambient Piano Master (Original Mix)14Verde15Piano Ambient16Piano Ambient17Einaudi: Una Mattina18Flight Data (Amazon Original)19heart pieces20Hutchings: Love & Keep21Swarm Coda (Amazon Original)22Moon Over Deetjen's (Amazon Original)23Illuminations24Matin25Nocturne26Albanese: Early Dance (Redux Version)27Morgan, Pochin: Veni Creator Spiritus (Chill Mix)28Look Up Through The Trees29Morgan, Pochin: Let The Love That Dwells In Your Hearts (St Clare) (Chill Mix)30Mallow (Amazon Original)31Story of You32Ballatti: Earthly Kingdoms (Chill Mix)33Circadian34Still Now35Were Did We Go36Jóhannsson, Glotman: Childhood / Land Of The Young37Floating Upwards (No End In Sight) [Amazon Original]38Mistranslations39Desert Parade40Sylarna41Dream Sequence (Amazon Original)42The Closest Place to the Soul43Ambient Music For Sleeping4424 Hours (Amazon Original)45Mole (Amazon Original)46San Francisco47Distant Shores48Abrams: Fourth Mode49Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel) (arr. piano)50Ambient Music For Sleep51Ambient Piano Music52Ambient Calm Piano53Ambient Piano Sleep Music54Ambient Music55Nuova56Morgan, Pochin: All Who Labour (Chill Mix)57The Flaneur (Amazon Original)58All Behind Us59The Invisible Embrace60The Chill Piano Guy Is Ambient61Anugama Serenity 0662Piano Ambient63Spare64Piano Novo65The Sleeper66Piano Novel: Songe (Fin)67Clear Skies68Expression of I Am69Piano Ambient70Passing Souls71Pillow Talk72Piano Novo73Pause74Ambient Music For Relaxation75Transatlantic76オン・リフレクション (TV『ブラック・ミラー』~「ランク社会」オリジナル・サウンドトラック)77A Model of the Universe78The Departure79Fidelity80The Slow Shift81ある午後のかぞえ詩82Opening83Relax & Meditate With Tingsha Bells (Extended Instrumental Versi84Ambient Piano Music For Sleeping85Courage86Relief From Stress and Anxiety87Awakening88Adagio for Strings, Op. 1189bury a friend (arr. piano)90Ambient Music and Isochronic Tones91Stories Left Untold92Relaxing Piano Sounds93Our Secret Universe94Piano Ambient95Ambient Sleep Music96Relaxing Music97Sleep98Flying Dream99Serenity