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50曲 • 3時間24分

1JUMP2HOPE3Not So Different (Remix) [feat. Awich]4Story5ハピネス6Expectations7僕らを待つ場所8Baby You Can Cry9Off You10You Never Know [feat. MJ116]11Summer Magic (Japanese Version)12みんながみんな英雄 (フルバージョン)13ママへ14大切なもの15VOICE16Believe17FAKE [feat. 安室奈美恵]18キラキラ feat. カンナ19眠れない街20ONE21おくりびと22STRONGER [feat. 加藤ミリヤ]23Still... [feat. AK-69]24HANABI25罪と罰26I Wanna Know27最後は必ず正義が勝つ28YOU ARE MY STAR29ハッピークリスマス30Come Together ~ 忘れないで31sogood32After The Storm [feat. シェネル]33Beautiful Life34INDEPENDENT WOMAN35ウツクシキモノ36One Love37So Special [feat. ATSUSHI]38I'll Remember You [feat. You]39BRAND NEW DAY [feat. You]40365 feat.DELI [feat. DELI]41WATCH OUT! [feat. AFRA & TUCKER]42After The Rain43マイ☆フレンド44Thank U45最終宣告46Story (English Version)47Blue48O249HOME SWEET HOME [feat. AI & JAMOSA]50Crazy World