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Chill Indie

Amazon Music選曲


45曲 • 2時間44分

1Brando2taking the heat3Motorbike4Love Me Like You Used To5Keep Going (Desert Island Version)6Blouse7Show Up8L.I.N.E.9Old Peel (Alternate Version)10Sick of Spiraling11Whatever Tomorrow12You Don't Own Me / Canopy13Idea of Her14Baby Tiger15Posing In Bondage16One More Hour17The Hearse18Before Growing Old19Resist the Urge20No Hard Feelings21Different Kinds of Light22Like I Used To23Angelina24The Melting Of The Sun25California26Back Door Run27Stay Safe28Kenny29All The Ways We Are Together30i hope she loves me back (acoustic @ 777 Studio)31Key32Streets of Philadelphia33Dumcane34Lord It's A Feeling35Off You36Dance Away These Days (Piano Version)37Ambiguous Norway38Missing You39Annie40Sixty Summers41Crybaby42Misery Is a Butterfly43Wait On44Song in E45Alive and Dying (Waving, Smiling)