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Rotation North

Amazon Music選曲


47曲 • 2時間21分

1LIFE SUCKS SO WE FUCK (feat. ZillaKami)2Tonka Truck3Studio Freestyle4Baller54am6Left The Trenches7All I Want Is You (feat. NorthsideBenji)8BIG DRIP9Rewind10Can't Know My Name11Strictly12Big Deal13Life I Chose14Minimum Wage15oyabun16ALA BEKE 217Run It Up18Chosen One19WHO'S THAT (Remix)20FREAK (feat. Freddie Dredd)21MY DAY IS RUINED !22jacob's ladder23Saint Laurent (feat. Lioness Kaur)24Goyard25Not No Slime26D&O27Came Up Hard (From Original Series "Robyn Hood") [feat. Tia Bank$]28What's The Move29Better As Friends30The Weekend31Trendsetter32Ghost33Time Out34Splash35Temptation36Pz Don't Trip37My Sins38Cheques39I Love You (feat. Bully)40Look Like This4121 Questions42Long Nights43Flatline44Rush Hour45American Nightmare46Took A Trip47Lately