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1working2Hindsight [feat. Dylan Sinclair]3Row Ya Boat4Blood Thinner5Been Through That624hrs7TNT8Spaceship9SOCIETY10What The Truck11MEMORIES!12Darkest Hour (from the Amazon Original Series PANIC)13Hold On14Old Friends15I'm not Pretty (Remix) [feat. Bebe Rexha]16The Hearse17Like That (feat. Kany García) [Spanglish Version]18All Roads19Jalebi Baby20double helix21Be Like You22Burnin Love23Rock and Roll (Ain't No Simple Thing)24Save Your Tears (Remix)25Who Could Say No26Dream Girl Concept27Work28Love Potion29Remember 0130Ouch31If I Could32either side33Red Handed34Anyone Who Loves Me35dimension36fall apart37Vibe for Me (Bob for Me)38Blow Up39Focus40Grey41Alone But Not Lonely42Over All Over Again43take care44Say It To My Face45Off The Rails46LANSDOWNE47the long way home48help herself (with BENEE)49I Know Your Ways50Beside Myself51Supersexe Freestyle52On Me53Family Matters54On & On55Way Too Fast (feat. Jalen Santoy)