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1I Want Love2A-O-K3Life of the Party4Morning5I Should Quit6EveryTime I Cry7Frankenstein8Confetti9Good Without10traitor11u love u12Cloudy Day13Fingers Crossed14Mirror15The Difference16WHAT WOULD YOU DO? (feat. Pink Sweat$)17Black Hole18Found My Friends19Girl From Rio (feat. DaBaby)20Wave of You21You22Villain23Astronomy24Dumb Love25Reckless26Our Song27Without You28Won't Sleep29Over This!30Melatonin31The Way You Felt32Live to Survive33Venus Fly Trap34One Foot in Front of the Other35Chance36Hot N Heavy371 step forward, 3 steps back38help herself (with BENEE)39The Walls Are Way Too Thin40Wildfire41i deserve 2 b alone42as long as i have you43Alive44Hold Me Like You Used To45Me Without You46Mess It Up47Blossom48Love Potion49Revolver