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Amazon Music選曲


47曲 • 3時間2分

1Thin Thing2Dive Deep3Roman Holiday4Ur Mum5Talk to Me, Talk to Me6Karaoke7World of Pots and Pans8Roman Candles9Manny10Imaginary Girl11Macca The Mutt12Shotgun13nothing to do14Halfway Out The Door15Toni16The Lightning II17The Mainline Song / The Lockdown Song18Satanic Slumber Party Part 2 (Midnight In Sodom)19It's Raining20Alma21Talk Over Town22Pour Another23Matilda24St. Ides Heaven (Companion Version)25Free Drop Billy26Running with the Hurricane27Kissing Lessons28Heavy Heart29the dealer30Sitting Up31Hey Like A Child32Porta33King of Sweden34Lights of Leeming35Make It Right36UNDERWATER BOI37The Only Heartbreaker38Time Escaping39Never Mind The List40Endless Days41Human Crime42Watching Strangers Smile43A Real Thing44last july45Six Hills46Baldur's Gate47If I Don't Hear From You Tonight