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69曲 • 4時間32分

1when we were young2COLD BLOOD3DEATH (Ever Colder)4Obsidian5Life Sentence6Levitate7Handshake With Hell8New Devil (feat. Maria Brink of In This Moment)9Self-Made Black Hole10アングスト(不安)11Cyberhex12Wicked Ways13Abuse Me [feat. L'exquisite Douleur]14EYE TO EYE15CHØKE ØN THE ASHES ØF YØUR HATE16ツィック・ツァック(ジグザグ)17Omen18Daggers19Death20ツァイト(時間)21CHAOS22Echo23Kagutsuchi24Watcher In The Sky25The Rumbling (TV Size)26Death to the Holy27Stand Down28Wake up Dead (feat. Dave Mustaine)29Roots Below30The Steeple31Pressure Mind32Unable to Connect33Masterpiece34Dogma35BITE MY FACE (FEAT. COREY TAYLOR)36Like Love37Forsaken (The Aftermath)38Psychic Jailbreak39Forgotten40Unconquered41Overcome42Akumu43Blood & Water44Transcendent45Radiate46Carbonized47Time48Savage Lands49Lonely Bong50バスターズ51Funeral Derangements52In Shadows53Like A Villain54Slave of Chaos55Put Your Back Into The Oar56Swan Song (feat. Scott Vogel)57Manic58Temple of Ekur59No Way Back Just Through60House Of Mirrors61Start The Healing62Yellowjacket (feat. Sam Carter)63Gimme Danger (feat. ralph)64Mark Of The Grave65Parasite (Edit)66Surrender67Zavali Ebalo68Lord of Liars69Changes