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1All the Good Ones2You’re To Blame3Limbo4Boilermaker5One By One6Nausea7All My Friends Take Medicine 8ビルト・バイ・ネイションズ9Don’t Back Down10That Dress11Look Alive12Astronaut In The Ocean 13Modern Guy14FAMILY VAN 15Set Me Free16love race [feat. Kellin Quinn]17Devastation 18INFECTED19Anarchy 20Can You Feel My Heart (Remix) 21Animals (Amazon Original) 22Save You (feat. Redlight King)23Broken As Me (feat. Danny Worsnop of Asking Alexandria) 24F*ck The World 25My Town 26Self Destructor27ヒート・アバヴ28Burn It Down 29Ordinary 30Lightning Strike31Dear Goth 32Adrenaline (Acoustic) 33Only Love Can Save Me Now34Stop Beating on My Heart (Like a Bass Drum)35Medicine At Midnight36Clockwork37Bloodsucker38Scarlet Cross39Gone To Me40Looking Tragic41California Dreamin'42Feel Free to Miss Me43Let Me Rust44Teardrops 45All The Things That I Wanted To Say46Kitchenette Cigarette47Dark Love (ft. Aaron Gillespie)48Glasgow (Orchestrated Version / Amazon Original)49Last Resort (Reloaded)