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50曲 • 2時間38分

1Bitter2Once In A Lifetime3Viva La Mexico4deathwish (feat. nothing,nowhere.)5Sway6Peace Offering7love race [feat. Kellin Quinn]8hollywood sucks//9Earthquake10All The Rage11Better off as Friends12Nice Now13Hit Like A Girl14He's So Good15Inverse16All Away17Violet18Big Cat Judgement Day19Bring Me Down20Flagpole Sitta (Amazon Original)21Re-Entry22body bag [feat. Bert McCracken]23Mrs. David24Taste Of Gasoline25Can't Wait Forever26Tunnel Vision27Last December28Brand New Vision (feat. DE’WAYNE)29Looking Tragic30First Train31acting like that [feat. Machine Gun Kelly]32Archives33Fall34Heavenly35The Level36Out On My Feet37Semi-Prologue38Not Alone39Dying To Know40Dead or Alive41Perfect42Control Freak43Such a Shame44Brand New Day (feat. Telltale)45Pain Is a Mirror46Hangar47Won't Be Me48Old Age Reminder49*Equip Sunglasses*50All For Nothing