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1Motion2STAY3Alive4Say So5Song About A Boy6Cherish7Love Is Real8The Aftergone9Dancefloor10Just A Mess11Chemicals12My Mind [feat. G Flip]13It's Not You14unison15Everything Is Great16could cry just thinkin about you (Full Version)17SABRE TEETH18Made For Silence19Goodbye20Blue Valentine21King Brown22Rae Street23My Heart Is In The Wrong Place24House Of Holy25Missing Piece26Friend27On To Me [feat. UMI]28Gold29Little Things30Lots of Nothing31Kerosene 32Needs33Build It Better34'Til The Next Time35Astronaut36People Happy37Love Signs38It's Happening Again (feat. KUČKA)39Stranger Love40Worst Day of My Life41Broken Humans42Missing You (feat. Matt Corby) [Live]43Whack44Swing of Things45Keep On Dancing46B the One47Sullen Kink48get old49If Not Now (Then When) [feat. Durand Jones]50In My Head