Amazon's Music Experts and Updated Fridays選曲


Amazon's Music Experts and Updated Fridays選曲


50曲 • 3時間5分

1Long Live The King2Caves3Heading South4Take Me Away5Keep 'Em on They Toes6I Was Born To Love You7In His Arms8I Don't Mind9Paradise10Diamond Studded Shoes11Into My Mother's Arms12Loose Strings (Amazon Original)13Traveling Man14Cowpoke15Black Myself16Take Me Home, Country Roads17Wilder Days18Release19Dried Up River20South Gotta Change21Perennial Bloom (Back To You)22I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For23Old Friend24Nightflyer25Crooked Kind of Free26Officer of Love27Making Do28Lightning Strike29When We Get Old (Home Version)30Remember Me Beautiful31I Remember Everything32If It Makes You Happy33Die Midwestern34Oh Sarah35Til It Breaks36Dreamsicle37Sanctuary38Mine Forever39Santa Ana Winds40Dark Horse (Reimagined)41If Love Was Easy42Avalon (with Francesco Turrisi)43Long Violent History44Harlem River Blues45Satisfied46The Real Thing47Smile48Fist Through This Town49If It Comes in the Morning50How To Break A Heart (feat. Lori McKenna & Hillary Lindsey)