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48曲 • 4時間36分

1Everybody Loves The Sunshine2formwela 33Thank You For Waiting (For Me)4Sognsvann5ブラック・ホール・サン (Live)6Melancholia7ブライト・アイズ (Live)8Ballade Noir (Live)9Maria10Circulation11Ebu12Blue Moon13Relentless Mind14The Man I Love (Arr. for Piano)15Organic Rust16Streamline17Summer No School18Still Doing Our Thing19Did It Again20Love Letter21First Ocean22Ekuté23The American Negro24Superhero25I Wish You Love26アトマイズド (Machinedrum Remix) [feat. Machinedrum]27チェンジ・オブ・トーン (Live)28Bud Powell in the 21st Century: II. Continuity29Cliffside30Cosmosis [feat. Ben Okri & Skepta]31Coral Feathers32LV, NV33Fo Sho34Like Fish In Puddles35The Bombshell's Waltz (Amazon Original)36Another Land37Adonis Has Landed (Live)38Banished39Nipsey Tha Great40Cook's Bay41Onward (feat. Rich Perry & Scott Wendholt)42On the Sunny Side of the Street43Mayday Greyday44Morning Song45Wish I'D Stayed46Be Present47The Storm (The Seasons, Part 4. Winter - II. Movement) (Single Edit)48タイダル・ウェイヴ