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Amazon Music選曲

The State of Grime

Amazon Music選曲


50曲 • 2時間23分

1Pacman2No Tram3Together4FLOW MOTION5Ting Done6G.M.S (Gun Man Sound)7Misleading8Kendall & Kylie9Give Thanks10Baddest11Envy 2.212Dots On Us13DeeCien - No Miming14Just Do It15Secrets16Tell Me I'm Lying17Panic18Tia's Talking19LOVEY DOVEY20Don't Say That21Duppy (Cammy Riddim Remix)22It's Me Again [feat. D Double E]23Grime Kid24Streets of Rage25Gridlock26Boot It27SNITCH28Man Do Road29OWT30Don't Ramp With Me31FOLLOW NO TREND32Practice Hours33Outplayed34Simon Said35Raise Up36Greeze37Fantastic38Matrix Nokia39The Cheat Code40Can't Clash Me41Got It42Cold as Ice43Album Done44North London's Rejects45General Levy46Hoes and Trust47Bad & Clean48100 Degrees49New Trends50Contingency