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エモ ヒッツ

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31曲 • 1時間58分

1スウィートネス2サスペンション3Pin Your Wings4アイ・ウォーク・アップ・イン・ア・カー5Who I Am Hates Who I've Been6Holiday from Real (2015 Remastered)7Welcome to the Black Parade8Awakening9Holiday10Gloria11Dear Maria, Count Me In12Marigold & Patchwork13フォー・ザ・ワークフォース・ドラウニング14Song in My Head15Everything Is Alright16Bottle of Red, Bottle of Spite17Say You Will18Put Up a Fight19A Place to Rest My Head20Middle Middle21The One With The Tambourine22Recover And Reset23Stolen24I Wrote This Song25Blue Boy26スリーパーズ27レターズ・トゥー・ユー28Cat Fantastic29Pillars30The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows31The Process Tonight