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55曲 • 3時間7分

1Twilight And Shadow2thu ert jorthin3海の讃歌4ウォーキング・ホーム5Driving at Night6Memories (Someone We'll Never Know)7Why Me?8Memories (2016 Composers Cut)9Cinema Paradiso (Main Theme) [From "Cinema Paradiso"]10Williams: 映画『スター・ウォーズ エピソード4/新たなる希望』 - 王女レイアのテーマ11Hedwig's Theme12Dream Within a Dream13Theme from Defiance14Titoli15Main Theme (From "Twisted Nerve")16Evenstar17StarWaves18Chang and Sword19The Morning After20SHERlocked21Main Theme22Out of Africa: Main Title23Farewell to Lorien24Leave No Man Behind (From "Black Hawk Down")25The Shootout26カップ・リマインダーズ27ガブリエルのオーボエ28Admission to Dream29Raven Rock30Take the World By Storm31On Earth As It Is In Heaven32The Sunnyside33Vita Nostra34Breakfast At Tiffany's35Gabriel's Oboe36Mr. Robot37Latin Snowfall38Amarcord39Bixio: マンマ40Di-Gue-Ding-Ding41The Overture42Totò e Peppino divisi a Berlino, Seq. 343Quadriglia44The Commuter45Charade (Main Title)46ファイナル・バトル(ランボー3 怒りのアフガン)47The Boston Wrangler48For a Few Dollars More (From "For a Few Dollars More")49Gonna Fly Now (Theme From Rocky)50炎のランナー - テーマ(『炎のランナー』より)51燃えよドラゴン52Main Titles (From "Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope")53Speak Softly Love (From "The Godfather")54SF交響ファンタジー第1番(1983) 「ゴジラ」タイトル・テーマ55ルパン三世その1(ルパン三世主題歌Ⅰ)