Amazon Music選曲


Amazon Music選曲


45曲 • 3時間9分

1Wait2Sundown (Back In The Briars)3A Trick of the Light (Bibio Remix)4Sparrow5cellophane6idontwannabeyouanymore7Best Part8Fix You9Alesund10Music on My Teeth11Simple Things12White Gloves13With the Passing of Time14ラヴァーズ・ロック15Close But Not Quite16Video Games17クラッシュ [feat. アッシャー]18Neu Roses (Transgressor's Song)19K.20アイ・ニード・ア・フォレスト・ファイアー [feat. ボン・イヴェール]21Angels22Palace23Holding24Talking About Freedom25Kind of Girl26Honey, There's the Door27Rise28Real Love29Million Miles Away30Tried to Make You My Own31Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (Amazon Original)32Difference (Voices)33Lovelier Girl34Love Showered Me35Pancho Villa36Coral Flower37Ships Along the Harbor38Seal Beach39Forever (Amazon Original)40In the Midst of It All41Shift42Eyes of the Moon (Edit)43Avenue44Quiet (feat. Dolly Ave)45Ebisu