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Amazon Music選曲


46曲 • 2時間24分

1Sweetest Pie2sunburn3life was a beach4CHAMPAGNE5About Damn Time6Maybe You’re The Problem7Cutie8Bam Bam9Pager10Darl+ing11OPEN A WINDOW12Feel Something13スターストラック (SIRUP・リミックス)14My Universe15Light Switch163 outfits17Colour Me Blue18Clarity19Joy20Permission to Dance21All 4 Nothing (I'm So In Love)22Beach Boy232924Pool25シュガー26Lightning In A Bottle27Build a Bitch28When You're Gone29As It Was30Peaches [feat. Daniel Caesar & ギヴィオン]31Sunshine (From the Motion Picture “Ron’s Gone Wrong”)32Crash33House On Fire34Last Birthday35yoga36Love Back37Beautiful38Sweet Talker39Saturday40Marry Myself41Famous (Single Version)42BACK ON TOP (feat. Griff)43Dynamite44Humankind45Psycho46Slow Down