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Amazon Music選曲


62曲 • 8時間12分

1rain2まろやかな花たち3雨踊り4Relief From Stress and Anxiety5Celtic Spa6Kibou7Relaxing Harp Music (Harp Music)8TEA ROOM SWAN9Before Dawn Breaks (From "100 Minutes of Relaxing Spanish Guitar")10神秘の海底11暖かい記憶12Greensleeves13星空図鑑14Sleeping Baby15Tranquility Music (With Celtic Harp)16穏やかな潮風17Brainwave Entrainment with Delta Waves for Sound Sleep, Relaxation, Deep Rest and Massage18Deep Calm19Lullaby20Deep Sleep21ウラディミールのブルース22Relaxing Music23Wait There24Sleeping Music (Deep Sleep Meditation)25Stress Free26Sleep (熟睡)27Deep Meditation28Ambient Sleep Music29Sleepy Time (Relaxing Music)30432 Hz31Clair de lune32East of the Full Moon33Quiet Contemplation34Kiss the Rain35Sleep36Deep Theta 4 Hz37Soundscapes38Song of the Sea39Healing Touch (432 hz)40Serenity Music Therapy41Restful Sleep Hypnosis with Binaural Delta Waves42Hearts Awakening43Spiritual Healing Meditation with Theta Waes44A Change of Season45Bird Sound (鳥のさえずり)46快眠47Deep Sleep Therapy with Sounds of Nature48Transcendence/Kundalini Rising49慰めのリラックス50Rain: A Steady Shower51珊瑚の言葉52Sea Birds in the Rain53Ocean Waves (海音)54Gift of Love55Peaceful Stream56The Sound of Summer Rain57Kindred Spirit58Lullaby59Spa Day60Escape from Gravity61Relaxing Rain62Breathe